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Our Journey

…and we both swiped right. “It’s a match.” 


After several months of lockdown, the world re-opened allowing for new opportunities to live, love and laugh. We wasted no time – we were both in the “right” emotional and mental place to give each other our all. Quickly discovering a lot of common interests and values, the chemistry compounded exponentially (and continues to today). Multiple bottles of wine later, we were the last to leave, having started at 2pm – yes, we are talking about our first date!

Almost imminently, we committed to each other; not even the “North-South” divide could keep us apart (something which has finally been rectified – obviously the “North” won). Resiliency, persistency, and patience were required and have become the hallmarks of our relationship today. These same values allowed for a seamless meeting of each other’s families, notwithstanding the language barriers. Filipa was shocked to see Hitesh holding hands with her grandmother (“Miquinhas”), who stated he was very handsome (and Brazilian-looking), highlighting the power of body language – it’s universal. Fortunately for Filipa, Hitesh’s parents spoke English, so it was all somewhat more straightforward... enter Mummy Haria… ahem ahem! Truth be told, Filipa learnt a few words in Gujarati so as to win over Hitesh’s grandfather “Bapa”, but unbeknownst to Hitesh, Bapa could speak English! Filipa navigated the Haria-family quirks with finesse (she even looks after an aloe vera plant today)! Over the subsequent months and years, these family connections have grown stronger as we have both embraced each other’s cultures (who would have ever thought Filipa would be mad about pani puri and Hitesh would drink espressos?!) and prioritised the importance of family – one would never have thought the mothers would be communicating with each other on WhatsApp (via Google Translate)! 


Our first glimpse of what living together would be like in the future occurred when Filipa moved to Crouch End. Our “part-time” living arrangement centred on enjoying each other’s company and maximising what the local community had to offer – amazing people, food, wine, and cats! It was pure indulgence, with no real comprehension for what is actually involved in a full-time partnership under the same roof. We were deluded! Since formally moving in together in January 2023 (via a short stint at the Haria family house), we have learnt the importance of patience and resilience (again?!), as well as compromise and kindness. Relationships are “hard work” but making effort with the “right” person always leads to happiness. This principle was certainly reinforced multiple times, especially with the challenges we faced when Hitesh’s so-called “diligence” came second to falling for something aesthetically pleasing to the eye…. yes, we are talking about the Beaconsfield saga. Our commitment and love for each other got us through, but more importantly it reinforced our resilience (again?!) and revealed what is truly important, each other. 


With Filipa’s “work” now complete, Hitesh was a better version of himself. She brought out all his positive traits, including a romantic side he was completely unaware of. Hitesh embarked on arranging what transpired to be a meaningful, thoughtful, and surprising proposal 10 months in advance of popping the big question. There was no way Filipa could say anything but yes… although it did require asking THE question twice (Hitesh had reduced Filipa to tears, but the happy kind on this occasion)!


And so, we move to the “Engagement Party”… but not without first saying a few words about our friends (did you think we had forgotten you?). Each and every one of you has played a pivotal role (even if it may not be obvious to you!) in our journeys as both individuals and as a couple. We are eternally grateful to you all and hence, extend an invite to you to join us to celebrate our engagement on what is set to be an unforgettable occasion, and nothing like an engagement party you have ever experienced… we await your RSVP 😊

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